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MATV Systems

If you haven’t yet made arrangements to upgrade your MATV system to cater for digital, PVS can assist.

While it is possible to maintain existing analogue TVs after the changeover to digital, the benefits to providing a full upgrade at the point of viewing are significant and immediate. Your clients will appreciate more channels, better picture and audio quality, access to subtitles and additional datacasting services.

PVS delivered the first fully digital TV system in the country and our expertise means we continue to provide the best.

In House Broadcast

If you have something you want your clients to see or hear, we can help you. From a repeating slideshow to timed broadcasts of informative videos or movies, PerfectVision Systems can take your content and distribute it for all to experience.

We can offer stand-alone, computer-controlled or custom-designed equipment for content aggregation and broadcast. Once your have your content source, it can then be interfaced to the distribution system of your choice, be it MATV, IPTV, web-based or direct to the display or audio device.

Please contact us with your requirements. We will be able to assist you in the design and implementation of the ideal solution for your in-house content needs. With the recent availability of affordable COFDM and IPTV encoders and modulators there's no reason to hold off upgrading or implementing a high-quality tailored content delivery system.

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