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The Gen IV - A new standard in Quality & Control


The new Gen IV pillow speaker handset has been redesigned from the ground up combining the best features of previous models, suggestions from customers and new materials and techniques.

A pillow speaker is an important item to your patients – it’s their connection to entertainment, and most importantly, their connection to the nurse.

We designed Gen4’s case to be streamlined and lightweight, like their remote controls at home, and we made sure the speaker provided crystal clear sound. Gen4 is as comforting to use as it is comfortable to hold, so all the buttons are easy to find and easy to press.

Infection Control

We designed Gen4 with infection control in mind. A single hospital-acquired infection can cost your facility tens of thousands of dollars*, so we made sure that Gen4 was fully sealed.

Our proprietary design helps prevent infectious contaminants from getting into the pillow speaker (even into the speaker compartment), where they could be passed from patient to patient. In addition, Gen4’s smooth shape allows for quick and easy cleaning, ensuring that dirt and grime cannot collect on the unit.

Oxygen Safety

Don’t be fooled by pillow speakers that are labeled “UL Recognized.” The UL Recognized mark does not ensure the product has undergone oxygen safety testing or that the nurse call accessory has been tested with the nurse call system it is intended to be used with.

Many of our Gen4 Pillow Speakers are UL Listed and tested with the nurse call system and verified for safe use in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.


All Gen4 pillow speakers can be easily reprogrammed in the field for different televisions.

Optional Stereo Headphone Jack4

Ideal for creating a quieter environment for patient rooms. Simply plug in 1/8" plug earphones.

Optional Analog Volume Control

Ideal for situations where two pillow speakers need to control one TV.

Detailed Specifications

Durable Gen4’s High-impact case material is designed to withstand over 100 drops onto a concrete floor without impacting its functionality.
Superior sound Clear, high quality sound to increase patient satisfaction.
Volume control options All models come standard with digital volume controls, and are available with analog volume for situations where two pillow speakers need to control one TV.
Oxygen safety UL Listed pillow speakers are tested with the nurse call system and verified for safe use in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.
Reprogrammable for different TVs There’s no need to manage numerous pillow speakers to support various hospital TV brands in your facility. Each Gen4 Pillow Speaker can be quickly reprogrammed within seconds.
Comfort-grip case Gen4’s lightweight case was designed to mimic the comfort and familiarity of a home remote.
Repairable You can utilize Curbell’s repair service or choose to make basic repairs yourself, including quick cable replacement.
Flex and strain relief Gen4’s long flex relief was designed for longer life and greater flexibility. The smooth design facilitates easy cleaning and resists dirt and grime buildup. Internal strain relief prevents damage to internal components.
Auxiliary functions The Gen4 platform allows for up to six auxiliary buttons to control lighting, temperature, drapes, nurse call features, etc.
User-friendly button layout Intuitive, standardized button positioning makes operation easy. Mute, Closed- Captioning, Sleep, and Option are standard on all models.
Large buttons Gen4’s large buttons are recognizable at a glance and easy to press. The simplified layout makes contacting the Nurse and controlling TV functions simple.
Easy-to-clean case The streamlined design facilitates quick and easy cleaning.
Fully sealed unit The sealed design reduces the potential risk of infectious fluids or solids settling into the unit, even in the speaker area.

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