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Custom Brackets 

PVS prides itself on providing cost effective solutions when it comes to adapting older systems to new. Through our many years of installation and retro fitting, we have seen just about every type of CRT roof mount and been able to adapt in an aesthetically pleasing way to suit a new flat screen panel.

Each PerfectVision roof mount adaptor provides both tilt and pan to optimise the patient viewing angle. The adaptors and bracket has been designed to match the screen location of the existing CRT.

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PVS Wall Mount Bracket with Tilt

Universal Plasma/LED/LCD Bracket

Basic Specifications
Tilt Function: +/- 15 degrees
Distance to Wall: 50mm
Suits TV's: 26" to 37"
Weight Capacity: 35kg
VESA: Universal

PVS Products & Services Include:

Nurse Call Systems

Perfectvision Systems' (PVS) Flexicall is an integrated, modular and readily extensible hardware and software solution for patient nurse call and ancillary event notification. The system is wholly designed, manufactured and supported by PVS who have installed nurse call and patient entertainment systems across Australia for over 30 years.


Flexiview TV System

The Perfectvision Flexiview system is a network based Intelligent Television system designed to provide complete control of your patient entertainment and information content.


Bedside Terminals

Integrates with existing hospital systems, including electronic health records (EHR), internal hospital information systems and databases, and various patient entertainment and communication options. Clinicians have access to the patient’s complete medical record at the point-of-care and can share charts, scan and test results.


Patient Handsets

The new Gen IV pillow speaker handset has been redesigned from the ground up combining the best features of previous models, suggestions from customers and new materials and techniques.


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