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Programmable TV control moduleĀ 


The PVS PVTV01 module is a compact, low cost TV control device for medical and hospitality use.

It features infrared output, audio isolation and a range of input formats, from standard switches to specialised data inputs and IR conversion. No matter your input and output requirements, the PVTV01 can be tailored to suit your needs and replace a plethora of existing TV control devices.

Basic Specifications
Connections RJ-45 input, DC for power. Infra-red output either RJ45 or direct emitter 3.5mm Stereo for audio input
Input Discrete switch, PWM, Infra-red*, Analogue DC,5- bit binary, RS-232*
*With suitable adaptor
Output Infra-red diode (1m range)
Power supply 3-24V DC
Dimensions (LxWxH) 45mm x 32mm x 23mm
Weight 85g

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